Small Start-Up pharma company launching its first product in the Liver Disease space competing with entrenched big pharma companies.


…Jim and his team created the go to market strategy and built all of the operational support needs for the commercial team. His knowledge of launching new products and companies were a tremendous help to get us off the ground while managing our tough budget constraints. They created a very specific Sales Team profile and were able to attract some of the best talent in the Liver Disease space directly from our competitors. After building all of the training programs, all of the onboarding & initial training came off without a hitch. All of the systems and commercial recruiting came together at the Launch Meeting which provided real world training and left everyone highly motivated for a successful launch….

  • Global Chief Commercial Officer








Established Women’s Healthcare Company with declining revenue in a competitive market.


… The Elixir team helped us create the strategy for a new customer segment we were exploring to help increase sales. After in depth market research, they were able to tailor and implement a strategy to reach a population that was untapped surpassing their sales goals. They were able to identify and connect with hard to reach decision makers via a telesales platform. And they were able to effectively persuade key decision makers to include our product on formulary status. Overall, the team grew sales by 130% in a declining market…

  • Vice President, Marketing










Established Healthcare Company starting a new Generics division in a highly cost competitive market.


…We were a brand new entity in a highly competitive acute care generic drug space so we needed to quickly build credibility to key hospital accounts throughout the US who had long standing relationships with established suppliers. We brought in Jim to build the commercial operations from the ground up. His team helped us build and execute a pre-launch strategy that helped us build corporate credibility, increase key customers product awareness, and profile our early adopters so we would know who to target right away. They built all of our commercial execution strategy, operational tools and entire sales training programs. After recruiting a top notch Key Account Manager team throughout the country, we were successfully able to launch our product and new division.  Jim and his team did an outstanding job in building and executing the launch strategy that was actually less costly than other alternatives…

  • President, Generics Division












New pharmaceutical start up division in the Kidney Disease area


… we were waiting imminent FDA approval of it's first product in the Chronic Kidney Disease space. We had an extremely tall task in front of us with a product and company launch potentially months away and minimal pre-launch activities set up at that point. 

 Within a matter of several months, Jim and his team did a wonderful job of creating the Sales team's vision, culture, and deployment strategy specific to our specialty product's business needs. Since we were not a big pharma company, we did not have an internal infrastructure in place that we can leverage for this launch. They were able to build all of the Sales Operations platforms in a cost effective way through their extensive network to scale to support the launch and beyond. At the same time, they created the Sales Training and Development program from pre-launch through improved coaching performance in the post-launch area. And most impressively, after creating the specific business profile for the Sales Team, they attracted one of the best team's in the CKD specialty space with tremendous key relationships and experience. 

 The culmination of all this effort came together beautifully at the week long Launch Meeting where the commercial vision provided the foundation for success for the Sales Team. They collaborated with all of the internal departments to deliver a deep dive of product education and strategic launch direction with great passion and motivation for the entire company. The Sales Team left that meeting feeling terrific about the product and the company which set the building blocks of our corporate culture. The Sales Team was ready to walk through walls to make this product and the company a success…

- CEO Renal Division